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 [Models][Transparent] Swamp Trees

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[Models][Transparent] Swamp Trees Empty
PostSubject: [Models][Transparent] Swamp Trees   [Models][Transparent] Swamp Trees EmptySun Aug 19, 2018 10:30 pm

Swamp Trees

Current version: 1.0

Models based on WA:MoFI jungle trees. Come with custom WOPs because there are 2 textures for every model. Sadly the variant B isn't displayed in the Editor. To alternate between models change just the last line to plant\creepy_tree\*****, not the TexturePath.

Models included:
3 trees (plant\creepy_tree\c_tree#)
2 bushes (plant\creepy_tree\c_bush#)
1 bare tree (plant\creepy_tree\c_tree_bare)

[Models][Transparent] Swamp Trees P664aik1i9p3ecq4g

Download: Swamp Trees 1.0 (687 KB)

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[Models][Transparent] Swamp Trees
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