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 [Models] Modular Bridge Set

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[Models] Modular Bridge Set Empty
PostSubject: [Models] Modular Bridge Set   [Models] Modular Bridge Set EmptySun Aug 19, 2018 10:25 pm

Modular Bridge Set

Current version: 1.1

Inspired by Unity3D asset, this remake uses only WA Trilogy and my own material. The models are placed a bit below Xtrude 0.0, so critter shadows appear correctly. Module with lowered poles is intended for places where diagonal movement is involved, so there's no need to pass through the pole. No WOPs as transparency is not required.

Models included:
floor (bridge\bridge_floor\only)
poles (bridge\bridge_pole_only)
rope (bridge\bridge_rope)
prebuilt floor + poles module (bridge\bridge_pole)
prebuilt floor + poles + ropes module (bridge\bridge_pole_rope)
prebuilt floor + lowered poles module (bridge\bridge_pole_low)

[Models] Modular Bridge Set B2xttg5a83hlcri4g


Download: Modular Bridge Set 1.1 (275 KB)
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[Models] Modular Bridge Set
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