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 Pawelec's Custom Lair: work in progress & technical stuff

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Pawelec's Custom Lair: work in progress & technical stuff Empty
PostSubject: Pawelec's Custom Lair: work in progress & technical stuff   Pawelec's Custom Lair: work in progress & technical stuff EmptyFri Feb 05, 2016 11:11 pm

Pawelec proudly presents his
Custom Lair
a base of WAE aesthetic downloads

Due to the upcoming release of Midnight Synergy CD Collection featuring user-made content some of the assets' download links are temporarily disabled. They will be back when licensing issues related to these assets are resolved (i.e. hand-made replacement of potentially licensed material is provided). Until then they will be listed here together with other W.I.P. projects.

I'm really sorry about MediaFire's AdFly policy - when I started uploading files to MediaFire it wasn't necessary to wait for downloads.

[Transparent] means the texture has transparent elements therefore has to be a PNG implemented the legacy way (inputing the file path in the Editor). This may apply to custom models - just enable the TextureName in PowerWOP. For custom objects coming in several texture variants there are WOPs included in the .zips to save your time - mind the fact the correct texture won't be displayed in the Editor.

If you'd like to discuss anything about the Lair at PCPuzzle please check this thread: Pawelec's Custom Lair is online! Both forums require you to register before you can post.

Grave Plains [W.I.P.]:


Tree2 Texture Pack [Transparent]:

Watervine Texture Pack [W.I.P.]:

Lilypads [Transparent]:


Baby Trees [Transparent]:

Mayan Temple Assets (Replacement in progress):

Age of Empires Online Trees [DISCONTINUED]:

Japanese Pine Trees [W.I.P.]:

Tree Ferns [W.I.P.]:

Underbrush Plants [W.I.P.]:

Crazy Mushrooms (Replacement):

Water Decorations [TRANSPARENCY] [W.I.P.]:


Clouds WOP and texture:

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Pawelec's Custom Lair: work in progress & technical stuff
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