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 How to upload MOFI adventure?

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How to upload MOFI adventure? Empty
PostSubject: How to upload MOFI adventure?   How to upload MOFI adventure? EmptyMon Nov 26, 2012 9:59 pm

Pawelec's MOFIcation Initiative

Many players tell they won't play adventures with MOFI elements, because they require sooooooo much additional time to get them working.

Exclamation Common mistake: MOFI adventures, which are correctly packed by the uploader, require the same amount of work to be played as the WA ones. Downloading and playing them works the same way as it does in WA.

Idea Pawelec's tip: Start using Unofficial MOFI Editor, which can be downloaded here. Thanks to that you'll be able to use MOFI objects and magic in your levels.

How to upload the adventure, so it doesn't need converting after downloading:
1. Make an adventure with MOFI elements.
2. When you have finished editing and testing, and you think your adv. is ready to be uploaded, exit the Editor and find the adventure's folder in UserData/Adventures/Editing/Current
3. Convert the adventure using Jafo's Editor Tools (download here):

  • When your adventure is ready, 'Save and Exit' in the Editor, open Editor Tools, select 'Convert Entire Adventure' bookmark, select the adventure's folder (somewhere in \UserData\Adventures\Editing\Current) and destination folder to the location you want the converted adventure to be saved in.
  • If you want to make your life easier, save the converted adventure in \UserData\Adventures\Editing\Current under changed name, open the Editor, open the converted adventure and click 'Compile and Exit'. Tada! The adventure can be played in UME.
  • It's also very useful that the program reloads the last settings after opening.

4. Save it UNDER OTHER NAME in the same folder (UserData/Adventures/Editing/Current).
5. Open the adventure in the editor and WITHOUT CLICKING ANYTHING ELSE click 'Compile and Exit'.
6. Done. You've got a converted MOFI adventure in .wa2 file ready to upload waiting in UserData/Adventures/Download Inbox.

Does it seem so hard? It's really easy...
I think the so-called 'trouble' for the players is to start using Unofficial MOFI Editor.

Well, there are only 3 disadvantages of that:
1. You can't use bounce magic and certain POW puzzles don't work.
2. Metatiles don't work the same way as they do in WA Editor.
3. Adventures require multiple converting to be tested. I believe you can get used to it (I did, it was worth it 😉).

Exclamation Common mistake: Using MOFI magics in your adventures doesn't require converting them. You can get Grow and Floing with just switching to Unofficial MOFI Editor.

On the other hand, you get:
1. Beautiful MOFI scenery objects: jungle trees and ferns, volcanoes, palms, ships, watervines, hanging bridges, new NPC hats and much, MUCH more.
2. Fabulous gameplay objects, such as crabs, boomers, tentacles and flipbridges.
3. 2 new magics: Floing and Grow.
4. Correctly working POW.
5. Ability to use magic shooters.
6. Ability to freeze yourself by Brr.
7. Ability to use lava.
8. Much more fun making and playing adventures.

Now the quick math: 8 advantages + 3 disadvantages = 5 advantages.
Convinced? If not, start reading the whole post again. Your conclusion will be right after one of the repeats 😉

Start using MOFI elements in your advs. The Fire Island awaits!
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How to upload MOFI adventure?
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