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 Tutorial 3: Fastest methods of decorating - make your level beautiful in 5 minutes!

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PostSubject: Tutorial 3: Fastest methods of decorating - make your level beautiful in 5 minutes!   Wed Dec 05, 2012 4:46 pm

Tutorial 3: Fastest methods of decorating - make your level beautiful in 5 minutes!

In this tutorial I'll show you how to decorate your levels really fast - decorating this adventure took me 7 minutes. In this tutorial I use Kidkidaaa1's PotZ Submission level (topic here) to show you how to decorate your advs.

Idea Pawelec's tip: The faster you make a level the buggier it is. If you finished the adventure in a short time, make sure you do enough testing to prevent possible bugs.

The 1.wlv of the level looks like this:


Important thing to remember while decorating is tile logic. Most eyecandy objects have 'Wall' logic.

Idea Pawelec's tip: Mark the tiles which are neccessary to solve the level with other texture. This way you are sure you won't replace the needed tiles.

To start decorating your level you need to know which tiles are neccessary to solve the adventure. In kidkid's level we cannot remove walls surrounding orange area (spikey's would escape or fall into water) and red area (turtles would fall into water or change their paths).

On the other hand, there are some eyecandy spots. These are areas in the level which are not important to the gameplay. They are blessings for level decorators, because they can do their magic on eyecandy spots. Finding these doesn't take much time. On the picture I marked obvious eyecandy spots with blue rectangles:

Red rectangles mark eyecandy spots that are a bit tricky. They have to be developed carefully, because doing something wrong to them may result in ruining the gameplay (eg. the pink arrow shows the turtle's path).

First steps to beauty

We found our eyecandy spots. What can we do next?

Kidkid's level uses abstract texture, which doesn't give us many decorational possibilities. You've already seen Hills texture on the screenshot of Tutorial 1, so I decided I'll use Wonderfalls today.

First thing I do is to wipe the level with Round, Jagged tile setting. I'm going to use waterfalls in this level, so I turned the water to flow southwards also.

The kidkid's level uses gates with ugly frame 1. I changed them all to use frame 0.
Also, there's too much colour 8, subcolor 1 buttons. I replaced them and corresponding gate with colour 3, subcolour 2.

There's also one more ugly thing in this level: cages. But, wait, are all of them neccessary? Well, not really. Only the outer ones affect gameplay. Let's delete inner ones and place walls where they were.

Green buttons area still looks bad. I think we can replace top-right button with a wall to make the room look more natural.

Black area in the middle can be smaller. We can use it's borders like eyecandy spots.

After these changes it look like this:

Now we can start real decorating.

The decorating process

Now I'll do the decorating magic to this level. First, I'll change the shape of the eyecandy spots, so the level looks more naturally.

Next, I'll change the floor texture in some parts of the level. This step done cleverly can make each adventure beautiful. Because we want this adventure to be natural, I'll use some stone and sand textures.

Then I'll add some flowers, trees, rocks and mushrooms. Remember not to place them in rows! Also, I make some gaps in the walls to fit the decorations.

When all the eyecandy objects are placed I make walls with Xtrude 2.0 and use them to beautify the walls. After that I check if all the walls textures are correct (Xtrude of 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 have their own textures).

In the end, I make tile with WHeight 0.8, Xtrude 0.5 to make water stream ontop the wall and I add a waterfall.

Final effect seen in the Editor:

Screens after remaking:

Adventure can be downloaded here: ?k18q9pbpmcu1ulu
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Tutorial 3: Fastest methods of decorating - make your level beautiful in 5 minutes!
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