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 [LevelTex] Lime

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PostSubject: [LevelTex] Lime   [LevelTex] Lime EmptySun Aug 19, 2018 10:35 pm


Current version: 3.3

Limestone Grounds texture I released didn't satisfy me. I always wanted to have a texture with very light coloured, in fact almost white, rocks. I also wanted it to have nicely looking foliage parts. Finally I decided to make a new version of my limestone texture, this time almost from scratch instead of basing on the older version of Limestone Grounds. The result is the texture Lime3.0, which you can find here!

It is very different from the Limestone Grounds, so it has a new name. The name also refers to the colour of the grass. Some MoFI textures were used to make sure everything will tile correctly. Also, it is my first texture made with Photoshop, which turned out to be much more powerful graphic tool than I thought.

[LevelTex] Lime 6zlvp60awo5fjy34g
[LevelTex] Lime Xymbzc9j9wj9gv94g
[LevelTex] Lime V6glzkbkb806vbf4g
[LevelTex] Lime La8u61l8o8773zl4g


Download: Lime 3.3 (336 KB)

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[LevelTex] Lime
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