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 Pawelec's Custom Lair - download links to WAE models and textures

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PostSubject: Pawelec's Custom Lair - download links to WAE models and textures   Fri Feb 05, 2016 11:11 pm

Pawelec proudly presents his
Custom Lair
a base of WAE aesthetic downloads

The works available here may be used only in WAE custom adventures and hubs. Some of them are based on materials with uncertain licencing status and using them for any other purpose (commercial in particular) than WAE adventures and hubs may violate the law. Using these works as a base for new WAE artwork requires my prior permission. Uploading these works to different sites is prohibited. If you're using any of my works in your levels, please post a link to this thread.

I'm really sorry about MediaFire's AdFly policy - when I started uploading files to MediaFire it wasn't necessary to wait for downloads.

[TRANSPARENCY] means the texture has transparent elements therefore has to be a PNG implemented the legacy way (inputing the file path in the Editor). This may apply to custom models - just enable the TextureName in PowerWOP. For custom objects coming in several texture variants there are WOPs included in the .zips to save your time - mind the fact the correct texture won't be displayed in the Editor.

If you'd like to discuss the content do that in this topic or in PCPuzzle thread about the Lair: Pawelec's Custom Lair is online! Both forums require you to register before you can post.

Leveltex Cove

First of all, take a look at my Faithful Texture Pack, fixing many bugs of the original MS textures. As the default textures are available for the community to work with freely while creating their own artwork, Faithful Texture Pack is an exception to the rule above - you don't need to ask me if you want to use it. Enjoy!




Purple Cliffs:

Mayan Temple:

Misty Woods:

Turquoise Hills:

Twilight Garden:

Grave Plains [W.I.P.]:

Greek Coast:

Objecttex Rock

Pac-Man Creepy Ghosts:

Animal Chompers:

Recoloured Chompers:

Recoloured Crabs:

Recoloured Mushrooms:

Recoloured Flowers:

Tree2 Texture Pack [TRANSPARENCY]:

Twilight Volcano:

Watervine Texture Pack [W.I.P.]:


Model Bay


Olympus Assets:

Mayan Temple Assets:

Age of Empires Online Trees [TRANSPARENCY]:

Japanese Pine Trees [TRANSPARENCY] [W.I.P.]:

Tree Ferns [TRANSPARENCY] [W.I.P.]:

Underbrush Plants  [TRANSPARENCY] [W.I.P.]:


Thorny Roots:

Crazy Mushrooms:

Water Decorations [TRANSPARENCY] [W.I.P.]:

Modular Bridge Set:

Furniture Set [TRANSPARENCY] [W.I.P.]:

Messy Hideout

Watertex Swamp:

Clouds WOP and texture:

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Pawelec's Custom Lair - download links to WAE models and textures
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